Welcome to the new site!

Seminggu update design blog akhirny dah nk siap dah.. yeaayy 🙂

Aku dah copy old blog from blogger.. believe it or not manually! sbbnye aku try install Andy’s Blogger to WordPress module, tp rupe2nye module tu hanya utk original WordPress so takley nk apply kt WordPress Me for Xoops ni.. mm.. memandangkan ada certain post yg aku sayang nk delete, terpaksala copy jugak..

Anyway, maybe kena refresh balik sbb ada feature yg xde & xperlu..

Okay ttyl

Published by Zairul

I'm a mechanical designer, working in an engineering company in Japan for 7 years, currently working in Indonesia, a husband and a father, I love guitar, music, android and internet in general.

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