Kuih Lapis

kuih lapis


  • 1 ?????? cup flour
  • ?????? cup tapioca flour (tepung ubi)
  • 3 ?????? cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • red coloring
  • How to make:

    1. Sift together flour and tapioca starch ( or is it tapioca flour? not so sure)

    2. Add in sugar into the coconut milk and mix until all the sugar is desolved.

    3. Pour in coconut milk into the sifted flour and stir until there’s no lumps left in the mix. Add salt.

    4. Divide mixture into two portions; adding a bit of red coloring to one portion and leaving the other portion white in color.

    5. Heat up steamer until water boils.

    6. Place in tray in the steamer, pour in the white portion to make the first layer and cook for about 3 minutes. Then make the 2nd layer using the red portion and repeat this until you get a total of 6-8 layers ( depending on how thick your layers are. Don’t make it too thick, or too thin )

    7. Once finish with the layers, cook a little bit more for about 10-20 minutes. Leave to chill and cut into serving size.

    ..yup, tatkala bulan pose ni la terasa nak makan kuih tradisi melayu..plus, i was trying ot out sebab nk bawak utk iftar ahad ni. sumber yg bg resepi ni pon ditulis “orang lama-lama” ..hehe,mmg rasa pon cam kuih lapis yg my mom use to make.natsukashii aji desunee..well, kawan2..kalu nk cuba,silakan. especially utk org2 yg dok overseas ni. mesti akan ingat umah punye bile makan kuih ni -homesick- then again, SELAMAT MENCOBA!

    ( recipe courtesy of www.resepi.mesra.net )

    Resepi Kuih Lapis
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