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Apa website stats soft/service yang korang pakai? Kalau ikut pengalaman aku, biasenye aku susah nk puas hati dengan 1 type aje. Sbb tu aku pakai awstats, dengan statcounter. Statcounter tu pun aku baru try dlm 2 minggu ni, tak sempat nk check sgt lagi. Tapi byk gak la “cool” stuff, tak padan dengan free service dia. Antara feature yg best, korang bleh check recent visitor map. Mmg la die trace provider, tapi bayangkan la kalau one day die boleh detect live sape yg browse kite punye website, kan kurang spammer, or annoying “Anonymous” spam-comment etc. So lepas ni jiran pun dah susah la nk kutuk jiran.. ekekeke

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I'm a mechanical designer, working in an engineering company in Japan for 7 years, currently working in Indonesia, a husband and a father, I love guitar, music, android and internet in general.

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