Baru habis training this week, suddenly Mr. Azuma (my dept. boss) ckp “aa Zairul, awak dah abis training, so apa kata kalau saya tarik awak join the great ALMA project?” aaa? wtf is ALMA project tu? Pastu baru die kasik info2 bla bla.. baru la aku tahu rupe nye ALMA or Atacama Large Milimiter Array ni antara international mega project.. or meminjam kata encik wiki :

“ international astronomy project that consists of an astronomical interferometer formed from an array of radio telescopes, located at Llano de Chajnantor Observatory in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. The telescope is expected to revolutionise modern astronomy by providing an insight on star formation in the early universe and imaging local star and planet formation in great detail. With a cost in excess of 1 billion US dollars, it is the most ambitious ground-based telescope currently under construction.”

So basically diorg nk buat buat 64 biji “bapak segala antenna” mcm dlm gambar tu, 14 bijik buat kat Japan.. Construction sumer buat kat JFE, tapi benda2 kecik diorg pass2 kat company2 lain.. cam company kitorg incharge bahagian heat insulator.. why kena ada heat insulator? sbb benda ni bukan letak tepi laut, tapi letak 5000m tinggi dari paras laut so kena buat die jadi kebal weather hehehe… anyway itu la projek aku latest.. dah siap 3 biji ada lagi 11.. aiyoo.. maybe next week baru dpt tgk diorg pasang kat JFE Mizushima..

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  1. haha.. kitorang incharge bahagian designing aja. klu ko berminat dengan kaihatsu boleh try JFE or better, MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy). aku lebih susume kaihatsu la. kalau designing ni source dia agak limited. mcm masa buat outer body boeing 777 frighter/passenger tu pun dapat tengok seciput je original drawing dia. chet kedekut punye MHI

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