Sapa fan One-Piece anime/manga yang tengok Mechaike semalam mesti jeles dan bengang sebab Eiichiro Oda lukiskan gambar members tv program Mechaike tu macam One Piece.

Agak2nya camne nak mintak tolong Oda Sensei lukiskan gambar aku aa?

One Piece - Mechaike ver.

Wikipedia :
Onepiecewikai :

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  1. oda sensei!Luffy monkey.d.luffy full name and family name was found “D” what it means?
    What does that mean the same as gold. d. roger?

  2. sapa fan One-Piece anime / manga The look Mechaike Overnight Must jeles And because Eiichiro Oda bungur member image depicts Mechaike tu tv program sorts One Piece.

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