Dapat video thank you dari Google hari ni exclusive untuk Zairul.com. Wow, google adwords dah 10 years! Apapun thanks again google! Korang boleh tengok video nye kat sini;


Oh and then, korang tau tak diorang pegi laser beam kan bulan tulis ZAIRUL.COM? gile takde kerja.. hehe

A video thank you from Google
Just ten years ago, a small team added the phrase ‘See your ad here’ alongside our search results. A few minutes later, the first AdWords customer placed an ad for live mail-order lobsters.

Ten years and billions of ads later, we want to mark AdWords’ 10th birthday by thanking you for advertising with us. We hope you enjoy this small token of our appreciation, a personalized video just for you:

Your video: http://www.youtube.com/adwords10?x=7c3fd854fd574caba089b0adaaad81b9

Thank you. And we wish you success for the next 10 years!

The Google AdWords team

Macam mana diorang buat video ni ek??

A video thank you from Google to Zairul.com
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