Timeline feeds twitter kat Jepun dah down sejak pagi tadi. Ada yang kata dah 7-8 hours. Boleh post tweet, boleh access profile lain, but zero timeline. Kat Malaysia bagaimana? Okay tak atau dapat kosong macam kat bawah ni;

Masih menunggu official statement. Adakah ini disebabkan bug, maintenance atau serangan siber? Yang pasti twitter user yang hard core mesti tak senang duduk kerana tak boleh read tweet orang lain.


Not seeing your timeline? DON’T PANIC! We’re working on it and affected users will see their timelines restored in the coming hours.

Timeline feeds dah ok.

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I'm a mechanical designer, working in an engineering company in Japan for 7 years, currently working in Indonesia, a husband and a father, I love guitar, music, android and internet in general.

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