Softbank iPhone 3G – to buy or not to buy

iPhone 3G akan mula dijual via Softbank Jumaat ni (July 11th, 2008) dengan harga ¥23,000 atau semurah ¥960/month. Tapi rata2 review yang aku tgk, almost 99% kata iphone suck. Antara penyebab utamanya adalah non-replacable batteries, dan NO MMS? wtf? SAtu survey yang di buat oleh iSHARE mengatakan 91% of Japanese Will Not Buy ‘iPhone’. Hmm.. […]

Softbank 911SH 3G

Added to my wishlist.. Softbank 911SH 3G Price : Free Features; Optimized for One Seg with a 22 mm-wide slim body A slim design with metal accents. The contrasting gloss finish and line texture finish for the surface along with the unique slim body complete this One Seg handset. 3-inch widescreen QVGA mobile ASV LCD […]

SONY Mylo – Personal Communicator

Terjatuh cinta dengan Sony Mylo, latest Sony product yg bakal konker(?) broadband-communication-wireless-internet-access-device (betul ke ayat ni?) Source : Gizmodo Detail : :: MYLO stands for “My Life Online” :: Support instant messaging (Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger?????) :: Support web browsing (Built-in Opera Web Browser) :: Support e-mailing (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail) :: VoIP capabilities via Skype […]

Mouse Bentuk Arrow?

Functionality : Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Receiver USB connection. Operating range: 2 meters. Frame speed: up to 2300 fps. Optical sensor resolution: 800 dpi. Power: two AAA rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. Switches to power saving mode if not moved. Available at :