Dear Friends and Visitors,

We’ve to close down our blog for a little while due to some technical problems with our Joomla Content Management System (CMS). By the term “technical problems”, it doesn’t mean that somebody hacked our blog nor facing any problem with the scripting. But we feel that it doesn’t really fit our blog’s need – simple yet powerful. We have to admit that Joomla was too complex for us as our knowledge on php & mysql are limited.

However we’ve found a good blog source and perhaps we might be using that one (currently under beta testing). So please come back and check us again in August. All our “old” articles and stuff can be found in Archives. Also, please visit Our Fotopages if you’re looking for the apple strudle muffin recipes :p

Thanks all and have a good time,

Zairul & Zack Abd.

Gakkido & Picking Garage’s new webbie..

At last, complete jugak website ni.. Bukan senang rupenye nak transfer fr Oscommerce ke Zen-Cart. Admin Interface dia hampir same.. tak banyak perubahan.. Tapi makan banyak masa nk study ape beza dua2 cart system ni.. plus, Zen-Cart boleh kate “almost” zero community support untuk Japanese.. nk translate fr English to Japanese pun quite mencabar.. yang ade pun base translation untuk ver. 1.0.x, yg guna sekarang 1.2.6 (perlu di upgrade ke 1.2.7).. makan mase 2-3 bulan jugak :p

Selain standard instalation, aku letak jugak module2 lain, mcm ‘ask a question module’, ‘blog’ dan certain lagi for admin’s. Susah nak test sebab kitorg takde local server.. kena upload ke sever and test kat server jugak. Bila dah complete test baru transfer live. Satu lagi yg painful.. nk copy customers’ data.. pergh.. mencanak.. terpaksa buat manually.. dah try copy fr database, tp still tak boleh..

Anyway, otsukare.. and good luck Kazu on the new webbie 🙂 Next project –> Chomelbox

Gakkido & Picking Garage