Softbank 911SH 3G

Added to my wishlist.. Softbank 911SH 3G
Price : Free


Optimized for One Seg with a 22 mm-wide slim body
A slim design with metal accents. The contrasting gloss finish and line texture finish for the surface along with the unique slim body complete this One Seg handset.

3-inch widescreen QVGA mobile ASV LCD
Includes a large 3 inch LCD screen featuring the unique AQUOS LCD TV technology for advanced beauty. Enjoy breathtaking image quality.

Enjoy Voice Call and Mail while watching TV!
Features multitasking functions and allows for quick viewing and replying to Mail while watching a TV program. With the speakerphone function or the included TV antenna-equipped stereo earphone-microphone, you can even make Voice Calls while watching TV.

Features a “Cycloid Style” LCD that can rotate 90??? and enhance PC Site Browser
Viewing websites designed for computers with PC Site Browser is also enhanced when the screen is rotated*3. Also included is the useful Document Viewer for viewing PDF data and Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Source : Softbank Japan 911SH

World’s first electronic paper

Fujitsu baru2 ni for the first time ever buat research pasal electronic paper yg nipis dan boleh dilentok2 (sila rujuk gambar kalau tak paham). Of course in color display, boleh turn on/off + tukar2 display nye! Kalau ikut news, dia akan release benda ni maybe around 2006.

Dan maybe jugak dia akan pakai mostly utk iklan2 (tampal kat dlm train, kat building, hospital etc. – sbb mahal utk diguna dirumah – or maybe ganti conventional LCD kat handset, calculator etc.)

Tebal dia dlm 0.8mm, display dia pulak as good as color display kat handset skang. Film dia ada 3 layer, red blue green, yg boleh display in 512 color. Still, kalau di bengkokkan elc. paper tu, gambo nye akan terpenyok jugak sikit.

Hmm.. aku tak pernah tgk dgn mata kepala sendiri menda ni sbb ni pun aku dpt tau sbb tgk news.. Kalau ada apa2 yg menarik lagi aku post kat sini.. Stay tuned!