Firefox 3 and the Guinness

Firefox 3

Thanks to the support of the always amazing Mozilla community, we now hold a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. From 18:16 UTC on June 17, 2008 to 18:16 UTC on June 18, 2008, 8,002,530 people downloaded Firefox 3 and are now enjoying a safer, smarter and better Web.

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Creepy Girl from Motion Potrait

Creepy GirlCool flash yang dibuat oleh MotionPotrait Inc. Sesuai dengan tajuk, memang creepy sungguh. Btw, MotionPotrait?

“MotionPortrait is the technology that automatically creates 3D face model from one single picture, which can be animated in a variety of facial expressions.”

Layan la flash ni. Tapi jangan tengok lama sangat. Silap2 boleh ter”angau” dengan creepy girl tu haha.

Amazing 3D

Serious aku terkejut besar tgk short film ni.. Tak tahu siape/company ape yg buat, for sure ini bukan cartoon keras cam Usop Sontorian (which is by the way makan mase and duit + tenaga jugak untuk siap), tapi ini 3D animation yg standard Pixar Studio.. sbb film ni dah lama (end credit tunjuk tarikh siap January 2001) aku bagi markah 1oo% -D

Tgk la short animation bwh ni.. terasa natsukashii (=rindu?) sangat tgk suasana kampung kat malaysia.. graphic die sangat detail.. tgk pokok kelapa, atap zink, paip besi, lantai simen, lumut dalam telaga.. tengok sile tengok.. aku cume bley ckp aku kagum ;-)

Gakkido & Picking Garage’s new webbie..

At last, complete jugak website ni.. Bukan senang rupenye nak transfer fr Oscommerce ke Zen-Cart. Admin Interface dia hampir same.. tak banyak perubahan.. Tapi makan banyak masa nk study ape beza dua2 cart system ni.. plus, Zen-Cart boleh kate “almost” zero community support untuk Japanese.. nk translate fr English to Japanese pun quite mencabar.. yang ade pun base translation untuk ver. 1.0.x, yg guna sekarang 1.2.6 (perlu di upgrade ke 1.2.7).. makan mase 2-3 bulan jugak :p

Selain standard instalation, aku letak jugak module2 lain, mcm ‘ask a question module’, ‘blog’ dan certain lagi for admin’s. Susah nak test sebab kitorg takde local server.. kena upload ke sever and test kat server jugak. Bila dah complete test baru transfer live. Satu lagi yg painful.. nk copy customers’ data.. pergh.. mencanak.. terpaksa buat manually.. dah try copy fr database, tp still tak boleh..

Anyway, otsukare.. and good luck Kazu on the new webbie 🙂 Next project –> Chomelbox

Gakkido & Picking Garage

Analyze THIS!

Wanna get analyzed? Take a look at what 😀

try la..quite interesting. but make sure u have a clear photo of ur face lah 😉

What mine tells me about myself:

Personality Profile:

You are a long-term planner, diligent worker and avoid risk as much as possible. You are of above average intelligence and have the ability to focus on tasks that seem unimportant at present, but can lead to greater things in the foreseeable future. You are not keen to interact with others or make social connections. You would rather gain material wealth before putting yourself in a position to be judged. You are not confrontational unless someone directly opposes your intellectual beliefs. You are highly concerned with your social status. You are keen to avoid risks that could jeopardize your long-term plans. You take a calculated approach to life, working hard to control all aspects of it in order to not leave anything important to chance.

You tend to be a perfectionist and quite self-conscious. You sometimes wish you were less reserved and more like some others you see who are more bold and outspoken in social situations. But as much as you try to be like them, you cannot, because you care too much about the future to ever be comfortable taking risks in social situations.

Beta academic:focused on being materially successful.
Expected Occupations: Lawyer, Doctor, Investment Analyst, Accountant, Architect, Engineer( HAHA..really?? :p) , Professor, Researcher, Psychologist